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How to thank your wedding party?

There is no denying that committing to be in a bridal party takes a lot of of time, money and energy.
It is a stressful job to be assigned to and it definately warrants recognition and appreciation. Now you are married! But, there’s one thing left to do —- that is, thanking the other important people that helped you along the wedding way…especially your bridal party! Find beautiful wendding party dresses at

Before showing your gratitude, firstly, make a list of all the people who played an integral part in your wedding celebration. Make sure you make notes of what they did to help. Aside from the actual wedding party, these people could be parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, co-workers. The list goes on and on. 

The easier way to thank your party is by giving them a personalised gift or picking a venue to hold the thank you celebration.

A personal gift is always best as it shows that you have taken the time out to be thankful and that you are truly appreciative of what they have done for you.

Flower girls and the little ones that are in your party are easily thanked by a small toy or a sweet hamper.

Bridesmaids can also have a gift that is the same; flowers, bathroom hamper or accessories and for the groomsmen just a bottle of liquer.

For the maid of honour and the people that are the closest to you, it is a good idea to get them something that comes from the heart. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item because it is just a small token of your appreciation but it will mean the world to them.

If you choose to hold a thank-you celebration, how about treating everyone to a nice brunch or dinner when you are back from your honeymoon? You could do this in a restaurant, or at home by having a BBQ party (if the weather allows, of course).  Have your wedding party get together one final time in a relaxing setting and talk —- what a great way to unwind after the wedding!

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Best Linux Web Hosting, 2014 Best Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting is the most common hosting in the market, and normally includes PHP, Perl, JAVA, MySQL, and a large array of other Web development tools, which make it the most prevalent hosting platform in the world.

Thousands of companies offer Linux web hosting service, And below Best Linux Web Hosting awards are given to the top players in this extremely competitive industry who outperform their competitors on hosting features, uptime and server speed with expert level support.

Best Linux Web Hosting 

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BlueHost - Best Linux Web Hosting

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Best Linux Web Hosting - GoDaddy

  • Price: $3.49
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Best Linux Web Hosting - HostGator

  • Price: $3.96
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Bluehost ( is the web company that specializes in providing customers with reliable and affordable Linux hosting services and products. As one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in the market, Bluehost now hosts millions of websites all over the world.

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How much does a typical wedding really cost?

Do you know the cost of a wedding? Weddings are expensive. There’s no way around it. 
Based on the analysis of knot, the average wedding cost in America is now about $28,700 in 2012. However, this amount doesn’t reflect normal couples’ status. If you are trying to get an idea of what the typical couple spends, it is not the average but the median. That’s the amount spent by the couple that’s right smack in the middle of all couples in terms of its spending. The median is US$10,000 —- a much better yardstick for any normal couple trying to figure out what they might need to spend. You could spend even less than the median of US$10,000. Find cheap and valuable wedding dresses at to save your wedding cost.

Let’s break down the range of costs a typical wedding will pay for a wedding that includes 100 people:

Wedding License: US$35 (cost varies by state)

Wedding DJ: US$100 to $300 per hour (US$500 – $1,500 for 5-hour reception)

Photographer: US$750 to $10,000

Catering: US$20 to $350 per person (US$2,000 to $35,000)

Flowers: US$400 to $5,000

Reception Venue and Decorations: US$300 to $10,000

Cake: US$1.50 to $12 per slice (US$150 to $1,200)

Dress: US$100 to $5,000

Tuxedo: US$100 and up

Officiant: US$200

2 Wedding Bands: US$200 to $3,000

Wedding Invitations: US$100 to $5,000

No matter your budget, expect to spend a minimum of 50% of your total on the reception.

If you choose to hire a wedding planner to handle the details of the event, the wedding cost is going up by another US$1,500 to $5,000. And other elements not mentioned in the list (that are not necessarily vital to a wedding) could inflate costs further, including the videographer, rental car or limo, hair and makeup, bridal shower, bachelor party and wedding favors.

As you can see, a typical wedding encompasses a broad range of costs, depending on preferences. However, just sticking to the low end of expenditures, you can get away with a nice wedding that includes a lot of the major elements —- most important being great food and music —- for US$4,835.

However, the cost for each element of a wedding can vary significantly depending on where you live, what time of the year you are getting married, how far in advance you plan and more.

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How to choose your wedding hairstyles?

You’ve got the dress. Find more wedding dresses and

special occasion dresses at . And now it’s time to decide on a hairstyle. Your wedding hairstyle 
gives the finishing touch

to your entire bridal outfit, so you need to get it just right. 
How to decide your hairstyle? Updo or down do? Curly or straight?  Here are

some points to help you pick your wedding hairstyle.


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1. Start an inspiration board, look in bridal magazine, Pinterest, Wedding catalogues, celebrity pictures, photographers albums etc.

2. Don’t forget to take a picture of your dress to show your stylist! Ideally your wedding hairstyle should match the formality and the style of your bridal gown.

If you have chosen a princess ballgown, a flamboyant updo is generally the best option. For a simple, contemporary gown, a slicked back ponytail or bun, with a floral

fabric side band is elegant yet understated.

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3. Think how long your wedding hairstyle will need to last. Some softer look wedding hairstyles with loose curls may be more fragile… are you ok with the

hairstyle changing shape during the evening?  Or should you choose a hairstyle that will be guaranteed to survive all the dancing, weather and celebrations. Talk

about these with your stylist.

4. If you have very fine hair, or very short hair, deal with the fact that there are limitations with the texture of your hair, and don’t try and bully your stylist

into creating an abundance of hair when it is virtually impossible. If you have loads of curls, don’t try and convince yourself that a sleek, skinny hair style is what

is going to work for you. Find a few styles you like and take them with your to your next hair appointment.

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5. A good hairdresser who specializes in bridal hairstyles will be able to discuss all the options with you, taking your dress into account, your hair texture and

thickness, whether you are wearing a veil or not, and if you plan to wear flowers in your hair. Find the best one that suits your hair, your personality, your face

shape and the bridal look you are after.

6.Your wedding day is a super special one, and doesn’t mean that you have to beat your hair into submission to be something it is not. If you have a very busy

dress, with lots of bead work and detail, you will need to make your bridal hairdo take a backseat, and let the hair quietly compliment the focal point, which is you,

and your dress. If you are wearing a simple dress, you can dress the hair up a bit more, but if you don’t feel comfortable having a huge up do, you won’t feel

comfortable on the day. Make your wedding hairstyle all about you, just the more glamorous you. Don’t change who you are, you will feel weird and it will show.

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5.Your stylist is a wedding specialist, doesn’t mean they do bridal hairstyles that you will like. Book a trial appointment, and get an idea of what kind of hair do

you are in for on your wedding day. If you have a good relationship with your stylist, you should feel comfortable enough to point out any changes you would like to

make. If the salon you have booked your trial at wants to charge you a fortune for that appointment, move swiftly along, bridal hair trials should be a complimentary

service or very cheap from good hairdressing salons.

6. If you would like a down hair style, and are worried about the longevity, you may like to have a style that is up for the ceremony and then styled in such a way

that you can remove some pins and the style can be down for the reception, that way you have the best of best of both worlds.

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7. Veil or not? Wearing a veil is a very personal issue, and these days have more of a nostalgic connotation and less of a religious one. Brides do not have to wear

a veil anymore. There may be some requirements from certain churches and religions, but again that is completely a personal matter. If you really don’t want to wear a

veil, you are in luck. Fascinators have come back into fashion with a bang and you can find a super modern version of the classic veil and dress it up for your wedding

day. It is important to factor in your headdress before looking at bridal hairstyles.

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Best 16 Channel CCTV DVR System from is a well-known CCTV system supplier. Today, the business announced its 16 channel CCTV security system collection; these 16-ch systems come from different brands, and all of them are very popular on the market. ( has specially recommended the ZMODO 16CH CCTV security surveillance DVR system. This kit includes a 16 CH H.264 DVR 1TB HD and 8 Color CCD IR outdoor security cameras, which allow users to monitor the home or office around the clock.

The details of the new 16-channel system are as follows:

DVR Features

  • Plug-n-Play
  • Record: 480 fps
  • Display: 480 fps
  • Embedded Linux OS
  • IR Remote Control
  • PTZ via RS-485 Port
  • Signal System: NTSC / PAL
  • H.264 Hardware Compression
  • 1TB Hard Drive Installed
  • Video Input / Output: BNC 16/BNC 1
  • Video Output: VGA
  • Audio Input / Output: RCA 4/BNC 1
  • Display Mode: Each/All/Auto Switch/Hidden
  • Network:RJ45 TCP/IP or DDNS
  • Remote Access: LAN or IE Browser
  • Support Remote View via 3G Mobile
  • Recording Mode: Manual/ Schedule /Motion Detection / Alarm / Motion / Detection & Alarm

Camera Features

  • 1/4" Sony Color CCD Image Sensor
  • 420 TV Lines, Horizontal
  • 3.6mm Lens
  • Signal: NTSC
  • Night Vision Min. Light: 0 Lux (IR On)
  • IR Irradiation Distance: 65ft
  • Operation Temperature: -25°F~122°F
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Power: 12V DC
  • Mount: Ceiling or Wall
  • Video Connector: BNC
  • Power Connector: RCA has updated its website to help customers around the world to buy CCTV products, DVRs and car cameras in a more economical way. Customers can always find what they need on this comprehensive resource.

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